Hidden Water Pools
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Hidden water pool patio

The latest forms of architecture are pushing the boundary between comfort and relaxation, and providing maximum benefits to the resident without consuming a lot of space. Previously, if you had some space outside, you could choose to deck it out with one of two things; either grow a lawn with a bunch of beautiful flowers and plants, or get the earth removed and have a swimming pool fitted within. And then, some genius thought, ‘Why not both?’ and that’s when the concept of hidden water pools Hidden swimming pool from patiocame in to being. Hidden water pools, or hidden swimming pools (doesn’t matter what you call them!) are an amazing invention of the 21st century, and many who own it are likely to feel themselves as futuristic people.


As you can obviously understand, the name ‘hidden water pools’ leaves little to the imagination. These are swimming pools, that are hidden. But how are they hidden? By a number of different ways, it must be known. Usually, a hidden water pool will resemble a standard, traditional styled swimming pool, until the owner goes for a change of scenery. What will he do then? He will just press a button on a customized control panel, and depending upon the type of hidden water pool that has been installed, the pool will respond automatically.

For starters, it is likely that the bottom surface of the pool will begin to rise up. There is a hydraulic lift that is placed on the floor of the pool, which assists in raising the floor of the pool itself. Now obviously, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that as soon as the surface of the pool will rise up, the water will begin to overflow through the sides of the pool. That does not happen. Instead, as the pool floor rises up, the water tends to get drained beneath the floor of the pool itself. This amazing mechanism means that whenever the floor of the pool is lowered again, the water will automatically enter the pool and revert back to its original state. The platform, or the surface of the pool that just got raised up, will now be available as a standard floor, and can be used for a multitude of different events or parties.

Once you are done with whatever u need to use the raised platform for, just press the button on the control panel of the pool, and the floor will descend back to its original place at the bottom, with water filling up the empty space. However, that is just one of the many kinds of water pools that are available. For instance, there’s another kind of hidden water pool, which makes use of an astroturf deck at the top. The deck is mobile, and can slide from one end to the next. When a button is pressed, the astroturf deck automatically slides towards the side, neatly slotting beneath the floor, revealing a pool underneath.

The water in this pool is not displaced due to the opening or closing of the astroturf deck; it remains in its place. In fact, it is just the deck on top, or the cover of the swimming pool that moves from one side to the other. The efficiency of this design cannot be understated; the removed astroturf cover neatly slots underneath the house floor, and remains in its place until you press the button to close the cover. As for the water itself, it can be easily drained thanks to the proper drainage system that is fitted within pool itself, connecting directly to the main line. This allows you to flush out the pool, and then fill it again without having to keep the cover open. This is a truly remarkable design, but certainly not the only one.

Why you should choose a hidden water pool

Needless to say, the benefits of having a hidden water pool within your home are astounding. Let’s talk about a few of these:

The latest trend

Having a pool in one’s house was considered to be an extremely trendy and stylish thing, and for good reason too; not many people can afford to have pools in their houses. It sent out a statement of luxury living, and formed an image in the mind of an onlooker about the standard of living that you maintained. Now, that trend has become old school. And replacing it is the concept of the hidden water pools. Homeowners are contacting numerous agencies in order to get their houses fitted with hidden water pools, and as demand has risen for these pools, the supply side has responded. Newer and cheaper options are available, as companies have begun sprouting up in a bid to gain as much market share as possible of this rapidly expanding market.


You might be scared when your children are out playing in the backyard if you have a swimming pool. What if your child does not know swimming as yet and falls in the water? As a result, you always have to be on hand to make sure that your child remains safe and does not become the victim of an ill-timed accident. However, if you have a hidden water pool within your home, you could just press one button before letting your child out to play, and the pool will automatically close itself. Hence, you can be assured that your child will be safe!

Adjustable depth

Teaching your kid how to swim? Just press the button on the control panel, and the floor of the pool will automatically begin to rise up. You can adjust the depth of the floor to a significant degree, making it highly customizable. Compared to the conventional pool, this gives you much more flexibility and freedom!

Easier cleaning

When it comes to cleaning a standard swimming pool, you first have to drain out all the water, and then call in a maintenance service in order to do the job for you. Draining out the water, cleaning the pool and filling it up again can all add a significant amount of expenditure to your monthly expense. Also, because there is no cover on the top of the swimming pool, you are usually required to clean the water and the pool every five or six days. However, in the case of a hidden water pool, the related maintenance costs are relatively lower. Why? This is just because of the fact that you can cover the pool, which means that the water won’t become dirty as quickly as it would otherwise. This also means less use of chemicals in the water, as well as limiting the amount of water that is wasted.

Hidden water pools cost

The costs associated with a hidden water pool are obviously much greater than a standard pool. This is because the hidden water pool requires the fixing of a hydraulic lift, as well as numerous other articles of machinery that need to be properly adjusted in order to make the hidden water pool function properly. Moreover, it should be known that installation of the pool itself requires the help of professionals, and standard pool installation companies do not take on such jobs. Secondly, their maintenance is also slightly more expensive as compared to the standard pool, but the overall costs are adjusted; these pools do not come in frequent contact with the rays of the sun, and hence the amount of ultraviolet rays that are absorbed by the water are lowered considerably, hence reducing the amount of chemicals that need to be used in the water on a frequent basis.

The cost is also dependent upon the type of pool that you would want to have installed in your house. For instance, a company that provides a patio/ swimming pool system will install a proper patio, beneath which you will have your swimming pool. Obviously, the costs will vary on that one. The size of the pool also plays a major role in determining the price. If it’s a circular pool, companies usually provide a size of around 12 feet in diameter and going all the way up to 18 feet in diameter, in multiples of two. If it’s a rectangular pool that you are going for, it is likely to be 8 x 14 foot or 10 x 18 foot. If you have custom dimensions that you want your pool to follow, you could easily contact the professional installation agency to get the job done for you.

Let me make this one thing clear; while the intial costs of installing the hidden water pool are significantly higher when compared to the installation of a standard water pool, the overall amount of money that you will save on maintenance costs with the passage of time will elvel out the differences. There are a number of different things that you can do if you wish to get a hidden water pool installed with your house. First of all, you will need to find a decent company that installs these pools within your vicinity. Once you find one, you will then have to contact them, after which the company will send their own employees and surveyors to check whether a hidden water pool can be installed in your house or not. Once they agree that a pool can be installed, all you have to do is pay up an advance, sit back and let the men do their job there’s a lot of equipment that will be fitted within the pool, so it will take some time before the pool is finally finished and available for use.

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